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Project 52 - Week 50:Relaxing

If there is one thing I really admire about a happy dog, its that they just really know how to make themselves comfy and relaxed.

Saffy is no exception to this, when the sun is shining you will find her sitting outside on her bed. Often her eyes will be closed sitting up, and her face looking a wee bit zen. That is until there is activity at the neighbours or a stray sparrow happens upon her territory (which is not limited to her own house- it extends as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear)

In Saffys younger days this would have been her, except inverted, feet praying to the sunshine gods baring her little tummy. Those days are definitely history now with age and joint degradation catching up with her.

Unfortunately, because she knows exactly what happens when my camera comes out, these are about as relaxed as I could capture her.

Her attention is on me as she has been conditioned to know camera=treats and all I have to do is sit still.

However, if I am patient enough, and she decides meh- its not worth it..... occasionally...... this will happen ..... eyes closed..... Doberzen master 101. In her eyes, there is nothing better than being baked in the sun until you can no longer stand it

Happiness is a Dobermann sitting in the sunshine.

Eventually I pull rank as it just gets too hot out there for her.

I would love to show you how relaxed she is asleep in her spot on the couch. But, if I so much as think about twitching a muscle next to her she is off....

The sun really accentuates the red tint she has in her fur. She is molting flat out at the moment which makes it look even more red. All that dead hair just WAITING to be shed all over the floor inside. (I can't wait for that! LOL)

Watching her sleep/relax is one of life's greatest pleasures... its the little things in life huh.........

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