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Project 52 - Week 1:Blank Slate

Welcome to the first week of 2018! Hard to believe this is where I started 12 months ago and here we are again!

For those that did not read my last blog- 2018 is bringing a new set of skills to the table. A lot of things will be changing (and a lot of things will still be the same) I will not be taking as many clients this year while I focus on my own newfound style with Digital Artistry. I am excited to see where this takes me. The more I have used and learned about Photoshop the more I began to love it and the more I have pushed myself to think outside the square.

Having said that I will not be neglecting photography either. I will still be using my own images and will continue to learn and grow as a photographer at the same time. But the emphasis WILL be on ART rather than photography on its own. You will all start to see some of these pieces appearing on my facebook page and website over time... never fear though... they will still include critters!

Over the New Year period I enrolled in two Photoshop Artistry courses which have been AMAZING. The support, feedback and content.. I don't have the words for. And the coaches/tutors and other members have made the whole experience something I would liken as "arriving home"

The course is designed not only to help you with your Artistry, but also to help you THINK like an artist... to live life aware and AWAKE. I am still pinching myself.. I cant quite believe I made it into the course! (Enrolling saw me up before 3am the 2nd Jan to secure my spot)

And I'm afraid-work.... is going to be taking a back seat to this.... there is no more "living to work" I have two things to focus on. Sapphire and ME.

I hope you will all follow along and enjoy my journey with me. I am slowly building an online portfolio which I should have my invite to in the not to distant future. This will be an international site- focusing mainly on the US. Blank slate?.... here we come!


I had so much fun creating this image - this was my first taste of the potential this course offers! Excited! Oh yes you bet I am!

While I am here, here is a little update on Sapphire. Her little body is rapidly deteriorating. Arthritis is really taking its toll and combined with Wobblers the bad days are starting to become more frequent. Today is an OK day for her but the two prior were not. Yes- I am lucky she is "a good age" it is little consolation though when you watch the steady decline unfold. I have added "enrichment" games into her life to keep her a little more active and keep her mind working. She enjoys playing around in her enrichment box and I have enjoyed watching her. And that's really all I have time for folks.... This week we have a mammoth group in our blog circle, I hope you take the time to wander through all twenty odd blogs! Enjoy! Click here to see what Danyel Rogers Photographer for Wag to my Heart Serving the Portland Metro Area got up to in her first week of 2018!

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