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Project 52 - Week 3:Fill The Frame

We're back again this week. Last week I somehow managed to miss the cut off for submitting my blog (Oops!)

This weeks theme is something I used to be guilty of every time I picked up the camera. Trying to squish as much as I can right to the very edges of the image. Whilst that in itself is not a bad thing- it can prove difficult when it comes to printing.

One thing I do enjoy photographing , particularly on my own dog is close ups of details. Paws, eyes, ears, fur and so on and so forth. These are the little nuances that are often overlooked and in time will come to be a reminder of just how that fur felt, those toes smelt and allsorts of other associated memories and senses.

As it stands- I still had not actually finished the image I'm using on the day this blog goes live. I know, I do like to live dangerously don't I!

Part of the Artistry course I am doing is something called "Finger Art" Its designed to get ideas flowing. Essentially it is taking a couple of elements on a blank canvas, rearranging them and moving some things around. It may work, or it may not.

But EVERY day I do this process and from this, I ended up with what you see below! Its been an eye opener for me, as I have in the past had times where Id sit and stare at a blank canvas and not one idea would bust forward. That's because, you cant just WILL it to happen. (Well I cant anyway, unless inspiration strikes)

When I start these exercises (and that's really what they are- they exercise the creative portion of the brain) I never know where its going to end up. And I kinda like that!

See what I mean with the two images below. EXACTLY the same elements in both images. All in exactly the same place. The only difference is the treatment applied to each layer. A difference use of "filling the frame" for sure.

And this, is why there is so much practice involved. Anyone can do this, it just comes down to the time and will to invest in learning it. I cant wait to see what evolves over the next number of months!

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